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•   Diane (Dee) Garner (Jeter)  11/29
•   Wanda Stewart  10/17
•   Elsie Cooper (Fleming)  9/25
•   Mazetta Ford (Ford-Medina)  9/25
•   Ollis Mozon  9/18
•   Marsha Turner (Botts)  9/18
•   Patricia Townsend (Mosby)  9/17
•   Sandra Wallace  9/14
•   John Rice  9/10
•   Wanda Franklin (Watson)  9/6
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1 lives in Connecticut
32 live in District Of Columbia
3 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
1 lives in Illinois
1 lives in Kentucky
57 live in Maryland
1 lives in Massachusetts
1 lives in Michigan
2 live in Nevada
3 live in New York
3 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Texas
10 live in Virginia
1 lives in Wisconsin
218 location unknown


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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 36.4%

A:   126   Joined
B:   220   Not Joined
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to the 

Calvin Coolidge Senior High School

Class of 1971


Thank you for visiting our class site and please continue to stop by often to check out updates, new classmate chats, and other announcements! We celebrated our 50th Class Reunion on September 17, 2021 at the Martin's Crosswinds in Greenbelt, Maryland and were excited to catch up with classmates and friends. The food was delicious, the music went from old school to new, and the atmosphere was warm and engaging.

To view photos taken by our classmates, visit the 50th Reunion Photos link!

Coolidge Class of 1971--Reunion Steering Committee



Class of 1971 Annual Giving and Fundraising Campaign

The Class of 1971 Steering Committee is happy to announce the start of this year's Annual Giving and Fundraising Campaign. After a very successful 50th Class Reunion Gala in September 2021, the Class of 1971 is in full swing developing fundraising events, increasing our grants to academic programs of Calvin Coolidge High School, and awarding scholarships for the Neil Faulkner Scholarship Fund.

Over the years, our classmates have given thousands of dollars to these three worthy causes so that Calvin Coolidge students can excel academically and be able to receive a quality education. At our 50th Reunion, classmates enthusiastically expressed their desire to give and do more to help Coolidge students succeed in today's competitive environment. Your donations help support fundraising events for future grants and donations.  Please give to these worthy causes!  You can give ANY amount via credit card donations right here on our site or send check donations as well.

Here's more information on the three categories:

Neil Faulkner Scholarship Fund

Neil Faulkner, Class of 1971, was one of the founders of the Calvin Coolidge High School Alumni Association, and he was the Reunion Steering Committee Chair for our 20th and 30th Reunions. Neil and other classmates, like Donna Bradley were the glue and backbone of every event for our class. In recognition of Neil’s legacy and through your generous donations we have unselfishly given to a young student in his/her junior year in college who matriculates through college. The scholarship can only be awarded to a Coolidge graduate who applies, expresses a financial need for funds, and is a continuing student matriculating through a college program. For 2021, the Reunion Steering Committee would like to give four $1,000 scholarships to worthy students who meet our scholarship criteria.

From $20 to $1,000, ALL amounts are greatly appreciated; so give within your comfort level. Remember that a deserving young student will benefit and appreciate it: It does make a difference!

Calvin Coolidge Academic Programs

Calvin Coolidge High School is a fast evolving academic community of students and faculty.  This year there are a number of special emphasis programs and learning academies including the Academy of Health Sciences that addresses the critical gap in STEM fields and that prepares students for health professions, NAF Mass Media Program, an Early College Preparatory Program, the ROTC Program, and others. As the saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child." Your donated funds enable us to award small grants of $500.00 that will provide enrichment programs for the students. We've previously awarded these grants in partnership with the Coolidge faculty and administration, which have provided them with additional resources to educate and stimulate student academic achievement.

Donate To Fundraising Events

The Reunion Steering Committee was pleased to receive so many accolades from our classmates who attended the 50th Reunion Gala: It was such a special event! This reunion required 18+ months to plan and produce, and a significant amount of money to bring to fruition. The reality of producing fundraising events is that it "takes money to make money." So, why not donate to events that help raise funds for future scholarships/grants for Coolidge High School students and academic programs? Initially, the Reunion Steering Committee kindly donated about one fourth of the funds needed to secure our event venue and to initiate the planning and production of this event. Some of our classmates also donated monies for past fundraising events. To that end, we decided that this should be a donation category that needs your support. We'll poll all of you to see what you would like to do...hold a beach/pool party, crab feast, luncheon, or old-fashioned house party...but we need the seed money to get it started.